Ganoderma Coffee

Who said that coffee consumption was unhealthy?
Drink coffee without hypertension, heartburn and acid reflux.

DXN Ganoderma coffee contains excellent quality instant Arabica coffee and bio grown ganoderma mushrooms.

Is DXN Ganoderma coffee right for me?
Absolutely, if you like to feel energetic the entire day, if you like to sleep well and in peace during the night, if you like the taste and feel of coffee, and if you need coffee that doesn’t cause heartburns, helps regulate your blood pressure and has antacid properties.

How is it different? 
The DXN Ganoderma coffee do not contain any artificial dyes, preservatives or flavor enhancers.

Every bag of DXN coffee contains Ganoderma extract, resulting in such a distinguished product which, thanks to the positive effects of Ganoderma medical mushrooms is not only unique in its taste, but also in the positive effect it has on the body of the consumer. (Ganoderma mushrooms cause no additional tinge, only the flavor of quality coffee can be tasted in consumption.)

Would it be nice to experience the effect Ganoderma coffee has on the body from first hand?
Sample it and enjoy the difference!

Recommended preparation: add 1.5 or 2dl  (5 or 6 oz), at most 80°C (176°F) water to 1 packet of coffee.
(Portions can be bisected or trisected.) Every box of coffee contains 20 packets of coffee.
Thus, depending on taste, 20-40-60 portions of coffee could be made from a single box.
It is general observation that those who consumed several cups of regular coffee per day can reduce their portions to 1-2 cups of Ganoderma coffee per day, thanks to its lasting positive effects.

Currently six of DXN Ganoderma coffees are put in circulation on the market. Take a look at our product range:

Lingzhi Black Coffee

Lingzhi Black Coffee is a coffee beverage uniquely blended with the finest coffee beans and Ganoderma extracts. Coffee is packaged individually in small sachets for instant satisfaction and everyday-use convenience. You can make 2-4 strong, bitter taste, small cup of coffee, like an espresso. Lingzhi Black Coffee also brings you the satisfying taste of real coffee.
It’s sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free.
You may use any sweetener for flavoring.

Ingredients: instant coffee powder, ganoderma extract
Packaging size: 4.5g x 20 sachets
In 1 sachet – 4,5 g:
Energy:15 kcal     Carbohydrate: 2,5 g    Fat: 0,1 g    Protein: 1,0 g

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 is specially blended with finest quality coffee beans and 100% pure Lingzhi with sugar, non diary creamer, and with no artificial colouring, flavoring and preservatives. It is very refreshing and healthy.

It’s lactose-free, gluten-free.

Packaging size: 21g x 20 sachets

Ingredients: instant arabica coffee powder, ganoderma extract, sugar, non diary creamer

In 1 sachet – 21 g:
Energy:95 kcal     Carbohydrate: 16,0 g    Fat: 2,9 g    Protein: 1,1 g

Cocozhi – The Cocoa Drink with Ganoderma Extract

Cocozhi is formulated from the finest cocoa with Ganoderma extract. It is in a ready to drink powdered form, which gives you a chocolate taste. Aside from the fine cocoa aroma, you can also enjoy the benefits of Ganoderma. Just pour the contents in a hot cup of water and stir to enjoy an invigorating drink suitable for the whole family.

Packaging size: 32g x 20 sachets

Ingredients: Creamer, sugar, skim milk powder, malt extract, cocoa, Ganoderma extract and approved flavoring (vanilla).

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